We provide a variety of veterinary services. Here’s a glimpse at what we offer.


Our reproduction facility is located just outside of Carstairs, AB at Millennium Equestrian & Rehabilitation Centre. Services provided include artificial insemination of mares with fresh or frozen semen, foaling, neonatal care, stallion collection, semen evaluation and shipping. The facility is fully equipped for mare and foal care with indoor foaling stalls, cameras, 24 hour surveillance and outdoor turnouts. Reproduction services are also available on farm and in clinic.

Lameness & Sports Medicine

Lameness examinations and flexion tests allow us to diagnose a current soundness issue or to detect subtle subclinical changes which could be affecting performance. Diagnosis can sometimes involve diagnostic nerve/joint blocks, digital radiography and/or ultrasonography.


A thorough annual dental examination is important to identify and correct any malocclusions, sharp points, or periodontal disease before they cause an issue for the horse. We use a combination of hand tools and motorized equipment to make these corrections and restore balance between the incisors, molars and temperomandibular joint. Dental abnormalities can not only affect eating and how the horse accepts a bit but also other performance limiting issues such as bending and collection.

Diagnostic Imaging

State of the art digital radiography and ultrasonography are available both in the clinic and out in the field.

Prepurchase Examinations

Prepurchase exams include a thorough examination of the entire horse and involve a lameness exam with flexions, conformation assessment, heart and lung auscultation, as well as an ophthalmic evaluation. Diagnostic imaging is available at an additional cost.

Field Surgery

Surgeries are performed under injectable anesthesia and include procedures such as castrations, ophthalmic procedures, umbilical hernia repair and sequestrum removal.